Are you an Early Bird??


I am obsessed with TV series, like a typical teenager, and this one day I stayed up watching one addicting episode after the other until these thin streams of light filtered though the window curtains, drenching the room in quite a bizarre way. It was not bizarre because I have never seen early morning sun light but because the feel was familiar to me but the familiarity existed somewhere in a memory. Early mornings have been one of my favorite parts of the day when the noise sank to an inaudible level, letting the chirping of birds be heard.
Don’t you ever wonder what might these birds be chirping about? I really wonder.
So on this particular morning when the forgotten early morning sun rays touched me, I knew that for a long time I am going to make it a point to wake up to see these rays illuminate the dark sky and probably go back to sleep again, but with a deep satisfaction and fresh morning air in my lungs.

Are you an Early Bird?


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